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How does hypnotherapy work? A hypnotherapist will present recommendations that the subconscious mind will receive. Once these recommendations are accepted and put into effect, the mind begins making alternate choices. For instance, for a client that is trying to shed some weight, the hypnotist may suggest that fast food is not as appealing or tasty. As your mind accepts the suggestions given when hypnotized, you will find that next time you are presented with fast food that is not good for you, your subconscious mind will remind you it is unappealing.

Types of Hypnotic Induction
How do you get into a hypnotic state? Trained professional hypnotists use multiple methods to induce a hypnosis state. They are:

1. Fixed gaze – eye fixation
2. Imagery – progressive relaxation
3. Mental confusion
4. Mental redirection
5. Loss of equilibrium
6. Nervous system shock

The Difference Between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy is the clinical terminology that is used to describe treatment with a trained professional hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy is typically used to treat a specific issue such as smoking cessation, shyness, or even weight loss. Hypnotherapy is usually done in an office environment with deliberate organization and treatment. Often, hypnosis may be done in conjunction with other medical treatments.

Hypnosis is the looser term for the same thing; however, it usually involves non-medical or scientific treatment. This can include self-hypnosis from home, and hypnosis in entertainment venues. The image of hypnosis has been abused in the entertainment realm for ages, which has done damage to the reputation of a reliable and beneficial tool. Once the stigma of hypnosis has passed in due time, the true benefit of hypnosis will come into full view.