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Your subconscious is built into your system for your protection. Hypnosis is a state of mind that happens when there is an overload of information. It allows for your mind to access details and modify your beliefs. During hypnosis you are in a relaxed state of being. You are aware of your surroundings and capable of being awake or asleep at your will. Your willingness to allow relaxation to happen is a piece of your state of mind that will increase your ability to converse with your subconscious.

Our goal is to have conversations that are targeted toward your intentions. Being clear with your intentions is a good way to increase your success.

Define your intention. Be specific. Really examine the details.

Using the idea of a building, one brick at a time with grey mud in between. Or maybe a vacation with all the things you desire to bring along for the trip. It’s okay to plan bringing the green blow dryer that burns and has the kinky cord. Just remember to see the details, then bring the details with you to your sessions. Write them out. Bring them with you.